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Management Consulting

Consulting on project management techniques include:

  • Setting up the project

  • Establishing and evaluating metrics for tracking development efforts

  • Risk assessment/abatement techniques


A. Setting Up The Software Project


PYXIS Systems International, Inc. knows what it takes to get a project off to a good start. This kind of start raises the level of success for projects. The key elements of risk assessment/abatement, planning, sizing, scheduling, and estimating are briefly elaborated upon here.

For the larger projects a complete set of plans may include: project management, product development, configuration management, quality assurance, subcontract management, requirements management and risk management.. Each of these would have a significant bearing on how the product is developed. Within the development plan(s) the main items discussed need to be schedule, staffing, sizing, life cycle method, analysis and design methods to be used, standards or reference thereto. It is an essential element of the planning process that the planning detail be scaled to the size of the effort and the type of development (full scale development, rapid application development, research and development, etc.). Accurate estimates of staffing, cost, and schedule are critical to project success. PYXIS Systems International, Inc. understands that the success of the project depends largely on the accuracy of these estimates. The appropriate way to estimate, including the steps required to come up with the right estimate, is what PYXIS Systems International, Inc. provides to our customers.


B. Measurements

PYXIS Systems International, Inc. provides our customers with help in establishing and evaluating measurements for tracking development efforts. Measurements that are collected for a project must have relevance to the project. The measures must help the manager move the project forward, not just provide pictures that do not add value. PYXIS Systems International, Inc. espouses the approach of establishing a meaningful metrics program to promote a proactive management style.


C. Risk Assessment/Abatement

PYXIS Systems International, Inc. understands that there are two key aspects of risk assessment / abatement:

  • establishment of the risk management plan for controlling risks on software projects

  • continuous process of identification, mitigation and management of the originally identified risk and new risks during the project development.

Four basic components of risk - cost, schedule, technical and resources (facilities, tools, vendors and personnel) must be addressed in the risk management plan. The elements, which formulate the risk mitigation plans are identification, analysis, planning, tracking, control and communication. Risk management is a continuous process over the project development life cycle, because as the project progresses, critical activities and risk areas change or shift. PYXIS Systems International, Inc.'s expertise in program management helps your company identify, prioritize and mitigate risks before they turn into unresolvable problems.




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