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PYXIS Systems International, Inc. principals have managed and consulted across the process areas defined in the CMMI.  One of our clients, Northrop Grumman, has utilized PYXIS Systems International, Inc. skills to define their processes to achieve CMMI Level 5 and their integrated enterprise processes to include software, systems, hardware, program management and support.  PYXIS Systems International, Inc. has also helped our Northrop Grumman customer apply the various process areas of the CMMI on projects.  Starting with the engineering processes, PYXIS Systems International, Inc. has supplied mentoring to projects to facilitate transition from the concept to the practice.  Leading them from requirements management and development to understand, define, derive, control, and trace requirements to mentoring for technical solutions to select the solution set, design the product and implement that design through integration of the product, and its verification and validation, PYXIS Systems International, Inc. has provided the necessary expertise to make the system work.

Another large organization that PYXIS Systems International, Inc. has also consulted for is DRS Technologies. There initially the process was to establish a CMMI-DEV Maturity level 3 across the C3 division. Later they received significant process consulting support from PYXIS Systems International, Inc. for the higher maturity level process areas dealing with statistical methods applied to their systems, software, and hardware development activities. They achieved a Maturity level 5 in 2005.

There have been many smaller organizations that utilized PYXIS Systems International, Inc. process consulting support to achieve their CMMI-DEV Maturity level 2, then Maturity Level 3 objectives. PYXIS Systems International, Inc. first performed internal evaluations of the capabilities of these companies and based on the results, consulted with the organizations to define the process areas where they lacked capability. An Action Plan was generated that defined the critical process areas needed work and PYXIS Systems International, Inc. helped them deal with an understanding of the depth of their problems in the identified process areas. PYXIS Systems International, Inc. taught a sequence of half-day process areas courses to their staff to set the stage for a more complete understanding of how to put the proper practices into effect to achieve their process improvement goals.



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