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PYXIS Systems International, Inc. is a small business established and chartered in the state of Maryland in 1980. Founded to address the rising demand for quality management in systems and software, the emphasis of the company has been to provide services and products that improve the ability of corporations and government agencies to develop and deliver quality systems and software. 

PYXIS Systems International, Inc. offers services that include:

  • Project Management Consulting
  • Process Definition, Improvement and Metrics Analysis, and Appraisal Support
  • SCAMPISM ClassA, Class B, Class C
  • Internal evaluations
  • ISO internal audits
  • Process Training
  • Technical Consulting in Systems, Software and Hardware
  • Systems and Software Validation & Verification



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More than 60 years of software management expertise is provided by Gordon Schulmeyer and James Holden, PYXIS Systems International, Inc.'s principals. On-site, in-process development management is offered on a consulting or full time basis. The key element is managing and directing development - not statusing its progress. Project management consulting includes:

  • setting up the project,

  • establishing and evaluating metrics for tracking development efforts, and

  • risk assessment/abatement techniques.

Development process definition and improvement activities encompass:

  • CMMI Institute Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)

  • ISO 9001/ISO 9000-3

  • customer process definition and measurement, and state of the art methodologies.

The management and development experience of the principals is highlighted by:

  • more than 1,000,000 lines of code development managed

  • more than $25M of software development managed

  • more than 15 years Software Quality experience

  • more than 30 years Process Analysis/Definition experience

  • more than 400 software engineers managed

  • 7 books published on software quality and process

  • 7 awards for engineering excellence



PYXIS Systems International, Inc. has relationships with the following independent consultants:

Don G. Freeman (
(Independent Consultant)

Alluvionic (
(Program Management & Process Consulting)

James J. Holden IV
(Enterprise Systems Engineer, Network Consultant)



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